About Flooring Makeovers

Flooring Makeovers is widely regarded as one of the best flooring companies in the Atlanta area. We work closely with architects, contractors, interior designers, and homeowners to provide a full range of custom flooring design, flooring installation, and flooring restoration services. We offer a fine collection of antique, distressed, and aged flooring, as well as domestic and exotic woods and textiles.

Whether you choose carpet, tile, hardwood flooring, engineered flooring, or laminate flooring, refinishing, or a complex or minor repair, our expert craftsmen will treat your home with respect. Contact us for a free quote on reclaimed flooring installation, flooring repair, flooring restoration, or refinishing your floor.

Hardwood Floors
Our company offers a variety of hardwood floor options with the finest materials. Dark and light woods are available to match any home or business, and our prices are reasonable with options that meet any budget. Choose hardwood flooring from Flooring Makeovers.

Hardwood floors last for years — often decades or even centuries if they're properly cared for. There is no other flooring material that can beat the longevity of wood, and it's resilient to almost anything you can throw at it. Additionally, properly finished wood is easy to clean.

Hardwood flooring adds a natural warm feeling to any space. This is great in offices or homes and makes any area instantly more comfortable. It's also an excellent insulator due to the tiny cells in the wood that can retain temperature better.

There's no need to worry about allergens if you have hardwood floors. Wood does not have hidden pollen, mold, or animal dander remnants. Those with environmental allergies will breathe easier in spaces with wood floors.

Easy to Clean
Cleaning wood is easy. You can sweep it, mop it, or just vacuum. Cleaning wood is significantly easier than cleaning carpet.

Increases the Value Of Your Home
Investing in quality hardwood floors can significantly increase the value of your home or office. This is especially useful for those who intend to sell their home in the future. Count on us to deliver the highest quality services when installing your floors.

Hardwood flooring allows for a wide range of variety. There are color variations, width options, wood grains, and a world of species from which to choose. Add a unique touch to your home with stylish wood flooring.

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When you first contact us we'll schedule a free, no-obligation quote. During the visit, we provide a to-the-penny estimate and help you maximize savings. We're a one-stop flooring shop and can help to start with installation and to continue through ongoing maintenance until you decide to remove and replace the floor down the road. When that day comes, we have you covered there, as well.

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