Hardwood screening and recoating


Here’s what to know about hardwood screening and recoating

If your wood floors need refinishing, you should consider hardwood screening as an option. Instead of removing the entire coat of polyurethane, this process buffs it up a bit and gives the surface new life and a newer look. It is an excellent choice if you're looking for a gorgeous visual without spending lots of time and money.

The term "screen" is vital because screening roughs up the surface to allow the new look, removing a fraction of the finish. Many homeowners consider it a part of a regular maintenance routine that eliminates day-to-day wear. Here are some facts about screening hardwood floors that can help you decide whether this project is what your floors need.

What’s the big deal with screening and recoating?

As part of the maintenance routine, we can screen or buff the surface polyurethane and add more for outstanding potential in the years ahead. The trick is to ensure the surfaces are smoothed before damage has a chance to wear the polyurethane thin. It's always more cost-efficient to protect your floors than to repair damage and completely refinish the surface. When your surfaces lose their shine, it may be time to screen and recoat hardwood floors to keep them looking their best. This service also works for minor dents and scratches from pet nails, heavy wear, or furniture dragging. Of course, wood finishes don't last forever, but this intense maintenance can work wonders to ensure the beauty and durability continue. The best part about this service is that you can avoid thoroughly sanding and refinishing your surfaces indefinitely. Instead, you'll see excellent results if you screen your wood floors every two years on average. When you're ready to hear more about hardwood screening, we’ll take the time to work with you.



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