Waterproof flooring is the best choice for many

The best way to protect floors from water damage is by choosing waterproof flooring. And you have plenty of options to meet particular needs in every room. That's because these floors offer more than water damage protection.

These floors provide some of the most elegant visuals too. They're perfect for matching every decor need, from rustic to contemporary to eclectic. And they're durable enough for both parents and pet owners, so be sure to take the time to learn more about the options.

Durability for all

Waterproof vinyl flooring is well known for imperviousness to dampness, humidity, and spills. But you'll also find them to be very resistant to daily wear. As a result, you'll see fewer stains, scuffs, and scratches on floors that perform better. Waterproof vinyl flooring is easy to install and easy to care for, which works towards a longer lifespan. Regular cleaning is essential. But be sure to stay away from high-heat tools like steam cleaners for the best results. Homeowners can customize these floors for specific durability levels. In addition, waterproof and water-resistant flooring and wear layers come in various thicknesses. As you plan your flooring perks, speak with an associate for advice for your best results.

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Visuals for every room and need

No matter what type of decor you have in place, there's a perfect visual. Some products mimic porcelain tile, solid hardwood, and natural stone. But others provide more artistic looks and designs for bolder atmospheres. Creating the perfect look or match is easy to do with these floors. First, choose a color or design scheme, then add textures and format for more definition for your waterproof flooring. Remember that these can help create specific moods, which work well in certain areas. Children's rooms are a great place to choose calming colors. But playrooms and living rooms can tolerate a more playful design. The good news is that they translate well from one to the other.

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